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Research Programs

There are several open topics for exploration. These range from optimizing microfluidic PCR machines, working on immunoassay or ventiallator CAD Designs, or disease spread modelling with Python and R. We're offering various opportunities to get involved. You can work independently, in teams, and get your very own research papers written. Experienced and award-winning researchers college and high school students are willing to mentor you along the way. Sign up on our google form and join our discord server.

Our Research Groups

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Modeling Disease Spread With Python

When it comes to modelling and Data Science there are perhaps none that fair in comparison to Python (my personal favorite) and R. The wide variety of tasks you can accomplish with them is phenomenal. If you're interested in some of the simulation/modelling possibilities, check out the following links:

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. ​If you're interested in working on your own, be sure to join our research group.

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PCR Optimization/Microfluidic PCR

PCR is a widely used technique in molecular biology that is used to make billions of copies of a specific strand of DNA. It is our primary means of COVID-19 diagnosis and plays indispensable roles in hospitals worldwide. As powerful as PCR, it is limited by the size of the machines and speed of testing. Join us as we explore the possibilities of microfluidic PCR machines, or as we like to call them, PCR on chip. These devices are able to rapidly improve the speed of testing, while also diminishing size significantly, transforming a once hefty machine onto something that can fit within the palm of your hands. 
Interested? Join our research groups, where we offer more resources and articles to guide you along the way.


Immunoassay CAD Design

An immunoassay is a biochemical test that measures the concentration of specific substances within our body in the presence of antigens or anitbodies. Heard the recent uproar about antibody tests as the faster and more optimal future of antibody tests? We sure have. There's a lot to be done here. You could work on identifying concentration levels for diagnosis, or work on designing immunoassay analyzers that measure the concentrations of specific substances in the sample. This is where our CADists come in. A lot of work is going on to compress the sizes of these ginormous machines. And. A lot of help could be used. Join our groups!

Test Tubes

Ventilator CAD/Engineering Challenge

Mechanical ventilators have become a symbol of hope during COVID-19, serving as the last possible chance of survival for individuals who can no longer draw their breath. Almost everyone has heard the daily discussions on the lack of ventilators in hospitals and points of care. This is our means of giving back to the world with newer, cheaper, and more optimal designs that may save lives. This is an amazing chance for our engineers and CAD people to get an entry to the biological realm, extending their reach to almost every corner of the world. Become a part!


NYAS Challenge

From Idea to Reality: The Evolution of NYAS Combatting COVID-19 Challenge

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the outbreak of COVID-19 a worldwide pandemic, spanning over 180 countries and having affected more than 921,000 people. Scientists and health experts are working arduously to find solutions to understand the complexities and contain the spread of this disease; despite their efforts, however, a lot remains unknown about COVID-19. The NYAS Challenge encourages individuals from ages 13-17 to collaborate in teams to help restrain this pandemic.

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