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An Introduction To Python

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Ssssssssss. No, unfortunately we're not talking about your friendly neighborhood snake which gives many (or at least me) a run for their lives. Instead today I'm going to be talking about the language (and no, it's not French) which is destined to revolutionize the world. You guessed it ... Python.

Why Python you ask? Well consider this:

  1. Python showed a growth rate of 456% from 2018-2019.

  2. It was ranked at the top of the world's programming languages by IEEE Spectrum (the world's largest organization dedicated to applied science and engineering)

  3. It's traffic growth is breaking the charts. Look at this chart below reflecting the rapid increases in the number of question calls to Stack Overflow (a question and answer site for professional and enthusiast developers). Python shows a crazy amount of growth when compared to other languages, and even surpasses Java and Javascript near 2018. Maybe it's time to rework the AP Comp Sci Curriculum, but that's a fight for another time.

Source: Stack Overflow Blog (2017)

But Alas! Our carefully analyzing and nitpicky statisticians may claim refute the applicability of such a graph, for it only extends onto 2018. Is all hope lost !?!? I sure hope not. Python comes to the rescue once again.

Python is the #1 language when it comes to machine learning and data analysis, just the very tools that allow us to extend our older graph onto ...

Stack Overflow Blog (2017)

Ooooh. Fancy predictions !! And with the error bars for our careful statisticians !! What if I told you that each one of you could make your very own models like this. Making once seemingly untouchable predictions in 5 lines of code. That's the power of python and trust me, you don't wan't to wrestle against this snake.

Convinced yet? Ready to embark on a journey to a place where machine learning will be something beyond that voodoo and mysterious jargon that only big tech nerds (better never call me one hmph) talk about?

Read our next article,, which teaches you the basics of python installation and will get you up to speed with using python in your very own computer.


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