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At IgniteMinds, we are working towards creating a better tomorrow by providing high quality education and accessible opportunities for all. We welcome you to a community of students, scientists, writers, and advocates striving to make a global impact. Explore our large catalog of services including FREE tutoring, research opportunities, blogs, webinars, podcasts and more!

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There's several open topics for exploration and more being added continuously. Current topics range from optimizing microfluidic PCR machines, working on immunoassay or ventiallator CAD Designs, or disease spread modelling with Python and R. We're offering various opportunities to get involved. You can work independently, in teams, and get your very own research papers written. Award-winning researchers from college and high-school are willing to mentor you along the way. Sign up on our google form and join our discord server.

Education outreach

In today's day and age as we are faced with the unknown, we're trying to achieve more with our initiatives than ever before and are always open to implementation and expansion suggestions. With school closures nationwide, we're currently planning expanding education opportunities in severely affected regions and looking for volunteers who could potentially help there, both from a technical and tutoring standpoint.

blogs and tutorials

We have a continually expanding array of tutorials and blogs. These range from thought-provoking discussions on contemporary environmental issues to ingenious discussions of engineering techniques and challenges to scintillating programming tutorials. There's a large catalog to explore and it is always being added on to. Let us know if you're interested in being a blog writer as well. The posts may include virtually any topic of your choosing, but run the idea through us first, so we can check their appropriateness. Check them out today!


Listen to student-created podcasts on a vast variety of topics for people of all ages! From culture to entertainment, politics to education, we have it all. If you need something to listen to while driving, exercising, or just a past time, check out any one of the podcasts below. We have a growing list of speakers. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, come join as a host today!


Welcome to the Companionship Program! The Companionship Program is designed to provide emotional care for individuals with special needs and their families. It allows individuals to feel welcome in a community and helps them discover their potential. We seek to pair participants with caring and enthusiastic volunteers to keep special needs individuals entertained, build confidence, and create strong friendships! Whether your special needs individual just wants someone to talk to or you need someone to watch your individual while you do daily tasks, we got you covered.



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