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At IgniteMinds, we are working towards a safer and brighter future with greater opportunity for all. COVID-19, unarguably has egregiously impacted various parts of our life, creating new unexpected challenges for all of us. We welcome  you to a community of committed young scientists and tech-nerds working to ensure that recovery from this pandemic is as smooth and fast as possible. 

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What We Do

Technology Class

Education Outreach

In today's day and age as we are faced with the unknown, we're trying to achieve more with our initiatives than ever before and are always open to implementation and expansion suggestions. With school closures nationwide, we're currently planning expanding education opportunities in severely affected regions and looking for volunteers who could potentially help there, both from a technical and tutoring standpoint.

Additional Activities

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There's several open topics for exploration during COVID-19. These range from optimizing microfluidic PCR machines, working on immunoassay or ventiallator CAD Designs, or disease spread modelling with Python and R. We're offering various opportunities to get involved. You can work independently, in teams, and get your very own research papers written. Experienced researchers from PVPHS are willing to mentor you along the way. Sign up on our google form and join our discord server.

Business Desk With Laptop and Coffee


We have a continually expanding array of tutorials and blogs. These range from pandemic centered, COVID-19 articles to educational tutorials such as programming in python to interesting down-time articles on cooking and art. There's a large catalogue to explore and is always being added on to. Let us know if you're interested in being a blog writer as well. The posts may include virtually any topic of your choosing, but run the idea through us first, so we can check their appropriateness. Check them out today!

Who We Are

We understand the challenges adapting to this new virtual setting has created for all of you. Yet we remain committed to the belief that with a little support, each one of us can make an impact and our platform provides just the scientific and technological support we needed. Although founded during a period of turmoil and stress, we hope to uplift our community and then the nation into a stage of technological prosperity through the advancements of today. We invite volunteers and collaborators from all walks of life to help create a unified platform providing a widely accessible education to each person in this world.

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