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Combating COVID-19 Team

The team of high schoolers from PVPHS–Aksh Garg, Akash Anand, Jason Apostol, and Elisha Johnston– and PV High–Abbie Maemoto– are collaborating to use their knowledge of biomedical sciences and artificial intelligence to build effective models for addressing the disease.

About the Competition

From Idea to Reality: The Evolution of NYAS Combatting COVID-19 Challenge

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the outbreak of COVID-19 a worldwide pandemic, spanning over 180 countries and having affected more than 921,000 people. Scientists and health experts are working arduously to find solutions to understand the complexities and contain the spread of this disease; despite their efforts, however, a lot remains unknown about COVID-19. The NYAS Challenge encourages individuals from ages 13-17 to collaborate in teams to help restrain this pandemic.

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Aksh Garg

Founder of IgniteMinds + COVID-19 Research Lead

Aksh Garg, founder of IgniteMinds as well as the NYAS Fight Against Covid-19 within our community is highly interested in math, physics, and machine learning. He hopes to extend the accessibility of education all communities affected with the COVID-19 Pandemic.  

He's built various several machine learning models in computer vision –imagine recognition for autonomous driving vehicles, image recognition systems, and one-shot learning models–and natural language processing–trigger word detectors, sentiment analysis, and translation systems. He loves to participate in any STEM related competitions that he can and is hoping to transform the world through his efforts on this one.